Get creative with those holiday left overs

The holidays can be overwhelming, and post holidays are no exception. Every year we all experience the burden of recovering from the holidays, and honestly, the guilt of throwing out all that wrapping paper or expensive tissue paper friends and family bought.

Well, if you felt a bit of guilt with unused or unneeded holiday wrapping, here are a few ideas you might want to try repurposing that holiday paper.  
Party Decorations. 
There’s still one more party of the holiday season: New Years Eve. Your scraps of gold and silver holiday paper would be perfect for making party streamers and confetti. And for all that baby blue or red holiday paper, they could be used for the next baby shower or birthday you host the coming year. 
Gift Wrap Bows.
If you like crafting, you could turn those random pieces of extra wrapping paper into bows for gifting the coming year. 
Drawer Liners. 
For those of us into DIY home projects, wrapping paper can be repurposed into lining bare drawers.
Home Decor: Pom Poms or garland.
Another cute DIY project for your home would be crafting unused holiday tissue paper to make cute Pom Poms or garland to hang around your home or party.

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